Charlotte Senior Center Work Space

May 31 2013 - First Draft of Front Page Layout

And we are off! Below are links to mock ups of the front page. These are not functional pages, just "drawings" and are not perfect in alignments or colors. The last one is a numbered "map" to help us in our discussions of the designs. Designs are named by the background just to help us keep them straight. I used dummy text (looks like latin) for most menu and text. For now, let's try to focus on the design, not the specific content. I did design with the information we learned at the senior website in mind. I kept a traditional layout and tried to use large buttons and not have too much going on at once.

What I need back from you:

You can mix and match these! You might like the donate button from one and the header from another and the background of the third. I need to know what you like, what you don't, and what else you might like to see.

The images are in .pdf, and letter size, so you can print them if needed.

Map key and notes:

The right side of the mapped image divides the pages into three parts, header, content, footer. The header and footer will be the same on most pages.
  1. Main Menu - the one that is different shows the mouse over image, will be on every page
  2. Donate Button - each will have some type of animation on mouse over
  3. Resize Menu - allows visitors to resize text for usability, also links to facebook/twitter/whatever
  4. SCS logo
  5. Image Slider - slide show of images and related text
  6. Seconday Menu - for additional menu items, will be on every page.
  7. Locations
  8. Administrative information
  9. Logos (BBB, United Way) and report link
  10. Background - this is easily changed! the backgrounds you see here are just temporary. In fact, I am hoping I can make it so that you will be able to change your background for holidays and special events (ie. golf balls for the tournament week) It will be the same on most pages. You will NOT see the grey, that is simply what shows up behind a .pdf.